Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide.
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celebs who have actually killed people
I loved real, real hard once. But the love wasn’t returned. Found out the man I’d die for, he wasn’t even concerned. I tried and I tried to keep him in my life. I cried and I cried, but I couldn’t make it right. But I loved the young man, and if you ever been in love.., then you’d understand.
written by Lauryn Hill (via missinyouiskillingme)

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I’m not mad at you for not giving a shit. I’m disgusted with myself for thinking you did.
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Dieter Rams, T-52 Radio, 1961
I should never be left alone with my mind for too long.
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I don’t want to get attached to anyone anymore, it only destroys me in the end
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